KSA collecting students’ thoughts on U-Pass

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This week a series of U-Pass consultations wrapped up on the Richmond campus. The KSA will return to Richmond next week for another round, eventually concluding in Cloverdale and Langley. (Kyle Vinoy photo)

This week a series of U-Pass consultations wrapped up on the Richmond campus. The KSA will return to Richmond next week for another round, eventually concluding in Cloverdale and Langley. (Kyle Vinoy photo)

The Kwantlen Student Association has been touring Kwantlen campuses hosting U-Pass consultations designed to give the KSA a better idea of improvements students would like to see made to transit in order to ease their commute, and to gauge the level of support for a U-Pass.

“We want to make sure that commuting between campuses isn’t the reason students don’t take a course,” said Derek Robertson, director of external affairs.

This week’s series wrapped up yesterday at the Richmond campus, with a return scheduled for next Tuesday afternoon at 2:15 pm in room 1420. Consultations has concluded at the Surrey and Langley campuses, with consultations at Cloverdale scheduled for next week.

At each sessions students are given an 11-page survey which explores their current transit use and improvements they’d like to see Translink make to its service. Robertson said that improving the current level of transit availability and frequency for the Cloverdale and Langley campuses is crucial to the KSA accepting any form of the U-Pass. He also wants to see more recognition payed to Kwantlen by renaming the Landsdowe station on the Canada Line to include the school’s name.

Robertson does not support a $25 U-Pass being pushed by OnePassNow as he feels supporting it would mean Kwantlen students would subsidize students at other colleges, such as Emily Carr and VCC-Clark. He said that those two schools combined have roughly 10,000 students and Kwantlen has 15,000 and that difference would equal an unfair price tag for Kwantlen students. He said that Kwantlen students could hope for a pass costing between $25 to $30 without partnering with other universities.

After all the data from the consultations is complied, Robertson plans to meet with Translink and the provincial government and come to an agreement. He will be in Ottawa next month to present the data and hopes to arrange a meeting with federal transport minister John Baird.

Robertson’s goal is to hold a referendum on the U-Pass in the KSA general election this spring.


5 Responses to “KSA collecting students’ thoughts on U-Pass”

  1. Ken McIntyre on October 29th, 2009 6:14 pm

    …… wow and the U=Pass issue has been stuck in how many years of red tape and political debate? Must be at least 4 or 5 years now. These so called consultations on the u-pass have been held before in previous years by the KSA. And yes there is all that red tape with subsidizing other collages. But honestly, after all those years have we got our u-pass? No. Are we going to get a u-pass soon? No Will these so called consultations yield any real results of getting a u-pass? No. Are they just a waste of time and more politicking by the KSA? Yes.

  2. David B. on October 29th, 2009 6:50 pm

    Derek Robertson’s position is typical of what is wrong with politicians. Why can’t Kwantlen student council get its act together and learn to work with the 3 other colleges? They have no problem working together. Why is our guy insisting on discord instead of harmony?

    I dont get it. OnePassNow supports a $25 UPASS and Derek want us to pay $25-$30. How is that better? WTF? I want a student council that has student’s interests in mind, and can work with others. This divisive stuff is petty and sad. I support OnePassNow and I wish others would too.

    David B

  3. Paul on November 3rd, 2009 9:00 pm

    $25 or even $30 for the U-Pass sounds pretty good. It is shameful that Kwantlen still does not have a U-Pass program. The KSA has been talking about getting the U-Pass since the first day I started. I think its time students demand to see some action!

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  5. Kelly on December 7th, 2009 11:55 am

    I agree. I have been a Kwantlen student now for 4 years and they were talking about it back then! It is pathetic how LANGARA COLLEGE already has U-PASS and kwantlen does not. There is so much consultation. Hmmm……lets do the math for Derek Robetson ……..buying a $73 one zone bus per month vs. $25 per month. Thank good he is not running a business otherwise, he would go bankrupt. Although KSA says they are representing the students, they are typical politicians dragging their frigging feet. I am so mad about this. Also, if you are trying to attract more students to Kwantlen this is not the way to do it! Everyone will end up going to places like Langara!

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