He shoots. He scores.

March 3, 2010 by  

Bars, homes and streets erupted into cheers and hugs when Sidney Crosby scored the gold medal goal.

But the Olympic games were not just about hockey. They were about bringing nations together while supporting their own countries.

Walking the streets of downtown Vancouver, that world was walking the same streets. Turning to the left and right, you would see a different country every time.

The glowing heart; of our national anthem could be seen everywhere, it was about national pride: wearing the red and white, or painting the maple leaf on our faces, waving the flag as high as we could for everyone to see, and singing the national anthem any time we could.

The Olympics were also about standing in lines with smiles on our faces, patiently waiting to get into Heineken House or Irish House or anywhere else there was a line. Some people even waited six hours for the 30 seconds of pure joy on the zip-line above Robson Square.

Out of all visiting countries, the Netherland and Russia took home the gold for visiting country team spirit. Waving flags, dressing head to toe in bright orange, they wanted to take pictures with every person they met.

Language barriers were no problem. Adrenaline-high on the rush of the games, everyone seemed to be saying the same thing: Let’s have a good time.

Waiting in line for over two hours to get into the Irish House seemed like 15 minutes, chatting with the Dutch in their bright orange sweaters and wigs, and taking pictures with all the new friends made. After getting inside, we shared a beer with every single person we met in the line.

The Olympic games brought the world together in a way that no one cared if the person beside them was from the United States or from China. It was about people having a good time and enjoying themselves while watching their country compete on the world’s largest stage.


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