KSA intramurals at Kwantlen’s Richmond campus

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KSA offers at Kwantlen’s Richmond Campus five fitness classes: Yoga, Boot Camp Circuit Training, Kickboxing, Group Groove and Group Centregy. All classes are held at the Blossoming Lotus Studio (Room 1320) in Richmond. Membership is $25/30 a month, drop-in purchases are available at KSA Member Services.

KSA-flyers for the intramurals on a table

One of KSA's information desks with flyers for this semester's intramurals. (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

guys working out in bootcamp-class

Boot Camp Circuit Training with Travis Tomlin. (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

hand on elastic band and face, blurred background

Eddie Lee with an elastic band, instructor Travis Tomlin is blurred in the background. (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

elastic bands on the floor

Boot Camp classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm - 5pm. (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

yoga class sitting on the floor, their hands in the air

David Yao's yoga class in the Blossoming Lotus Studio on Wednesdays 5:15pm to 6:15pm. (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

people moving at yoga

Movement at Yao's yoga class. The first 30 minutes of the class are active... (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

People relaxing on the floor

... the second part of the class is relaxing and recreational. (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

Instructors show how to kickbox

Kickboxing instructors Milo and Marcy Hilario show movements and combinations in their Monday class (4pm - 5pm). There is a second session on Wednesdays. (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

a guy is aiming at a pad at kickboxing

James Rai is aiming at a boxing pad in front of him. (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

bare feet on the floor

Participants at Kickboxing train in there bare feet and sport clothes. (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

Countdown clock in front of a mirror

A clock simulates a three-minute round. (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

yoga instructor is spreading her legs

Yoga instructor Miki Tse in a yoga possition during one of her Monday sessions. Session 1 is from 11:55am to 12:55pm, session 2 from 1pm - 2pm. (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

yoga position, hands in the air

People raise their hands in Monday's second yoga session. (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

namaste gesture at yoga class

The indian greeting 'namaste' is the end of every yoga class. (Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)


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