Kwantlen instructor’s book explores ‘mythology’ of addiction

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Kwantlen professor Ross Laird is releasing his third book in the new year. (Abby Wiseman photo)

Kwantlen instructor Ross Laird is releasing his third book in the new year. (Abby Wiseman photo)

Kwantlen professor Ross Laird will have his third book published, in the new year.

The book, yet to be titled, focuses on addiction.

Instead of taking the common clinical view on addictions, Laird looks at the subconscious stories that addicts tell themselves, calling it “mythological intervention.”

After 20 years of working with addicts on the downtown eastside, Laird noticed that the path to addiction and recovery, is similar to many mythological stories about struggling with demons and coming to a place of enlightenment.

Laird believes by changing the stories, or the myths, that addicts and society have about the nature of addiction, then those struggling with addiction can be better served.

“Addicts have all kinds of beliefs about themselves, conscious and otherwise, and society has all kinds of beliefs about addicts, too. In a way, addicts have become the projected shadow of society,” said Laird.

Laird was shortlisted for the 2001 Governor General award for his first book, Grain of Truth, which was about the mythology surrounding woodcarving.

He started working with the creative writing department at Kwantlen and is now in the process of creating an expressive arts program.


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  1. Michael McCarthy on December 22nd, 2009 3:58 pm

    Looking forward to the further wisdom of Lord Ross,

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