Eagles soccer teams begins title defense

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The Kwantlen women’s soccer team is out to defend their provincial gold as they took on the Quest Kermodes in the provincial quarterfinals Friday.

The team won the BCCAA provincials last year and, led by first-year head coach Gordon Smith and first team all-stars Melina Gomez, Brittany McNeil and Shanay Sangha, finished second in league play this year.

Kwantlen is hosting the provincial tournament this year at the new turf fields at Newton Athletic Park in Surrey.

“League play has been really challenging this year. Apart from maybe one or two games, it has been hard fought and close all year,” Smith said.

Kwantlen finished the season with eight wins, three losses and one draw to finish seven points behind first-place UBC Okanagan in their division.

Kwantlen, however, has the advantage of having players on the team that have won a provincial championship before, and the team gets to play its provincial games on the home field at Newton Athletic Park.

“Having home field is huge. We don’t have to travel and we can stick to our normal routine and be well rested,” Smith said. “We’ve been successful all year at home. The field is bigger and wider, so it gives us more room to attack out wide.”

Kwantlen took on the Quest Kermodes in the quarterfinals on Friday. Kwantlen played Quest once this year coming away with a 1-0 victory in Squamish in October.

Quest finished third in the division, winning only three times all year, but Smith has warned his team about the dangers of taking a team lightly.

“They are a very good team. We’ve played them and they’re a disciplined, well defending team. They counter attack well and are good on set pieces. We are going to have to limit the number of free kicks we give them,” Smith said.

Kwantlen is led by three first-team all-stars: goalkeeper Melina Gomez, defender Brittany McNeil and midfielder Shanay Sangha. Sangha tied for fifth in the league for goals during league play this year with six, and Gomez and McNeil led a solid defense core for Kwantlen, which gave up only nine goals in 12 league games.

“It is very important that they continue to play at the highest level. They’ve been our most consistent players, but that being said we’ve gotten contributions from others (two rookies) that have been big,” Smith said.

The women’s semi-finals will take place this Saturday, Oct. 30 at noon, at Newton Athletic Park, and the bronze and gold medal games will take place at 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 31 at Newton Athletic Park in Surrey.

Kwantlen men’s hoop team loses two close ones

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The Northwest Indian College Eagles received a huge effort from Josh Nelson and Randy Evans as they beat the Kwantlen Eagles Men’s basketball team 92-86 Friday night at the Surrey campus of Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

The Northwest Eagles took the lead midway through the first quarter and established a 10-point lead at halftime, a lead they would never surrender. Nelson led the way for the Eagles with 22 points and 14 rebounds.

The Northwest Eagles, from Washington State, came out and played hard and fast in the games’ first quarter and established their presence on defence, a suffocating Eagles defence that led to Kwantlen committing 24 turnovers in the game.

“This is the first time I’ve seen them,” Kwantlen head coach Bernie Love said at half time. “They’re coming out hard and aggressive and I think they are dictating the pace of the game. They’re hitting more shots in our gym then we are.”

Kwantlen came out in the second half and dominated early going on an 8-0 run in the middle of the third quarter to tie the game up at 54.

Kwantlen was led by a monster performance by Mark Dabrowski, who finished the game with 29 points and 12 rebounds in just under 32 minutes of action. Kwantlen, which was missing four starters for this game, leaned heavily on Dabrowski even though he was nursing a knee injury for most of the game.

“He really shouldn’t be playing right now, he is nursing a bit of a bum knee,” Coach Love said. “He’s a big difference maker, though, and he stepped in there and was a big presence for us.”

Though Kwantlen was down four starters, the team stepped up and competed in a game where many of their players were first-year players.

“You’re going to take your lumps when you have nine first-year players, but we battled today and we competed which we need to do on a more consistent basis,” Love said.

Kwantlen continued its exhibition season on Saturday against Portland Bible College and lost another close game, 79-75.

Women thrive while men struggle against Cap

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Both of the Kwantlen soccer teams played their final home games of the season, against the Capilano Blues, on Oct. 17 at Newton Athletic Park.

Just like last year, the men’s team couldn’t wait for a dreadful season to end, while the women’s team was set to play in the provincial championships, which are being co-hosted between Kwantlen, Capilano and Langara.

Going into the match, the women hadn’t lost in three games, and were hoping to extend that run.

They were also sitting in second place; four points behind UBCO.

On the other hand, the men’s team was struggling before the match, only picking up one point so far this season.

They had only scored seven goals in nine matches going into this encounter with Capilano, including a streak where the team went over 450 minutes without scoring.

Nicole Gibbons gives the Eagles the lead after 10 minutes into the match against the Blues. (Photo by Kyle Benning)

The ball trickles into the goal after the Blues keeper Samantha Duncan's lapse of concentration causes her team to go down by two after 20 minutes. (Photo by Kyle Benning)

The second goal was scored by Marissa Dionne (left), who celebrates with her teammate. (Photo by Kyle Benning)

Shanay Sangha (left) wraps up the scoring just before the break after lobbing her header over the goalkeeper to hand the Eagles a 3-0 win. (Photo by Kyle Benning)

Despite his best efforts, goalkeeper Tom Johnston can't contain the pressure as Capilano take the lead inside 11 minutes. (Photo by Kyle Benning)

Connor Sheepwash (red) breaks free from his defender, but can't direct his chipped attempt on target. (Photo by Kyle Benning)

The Blues goalkeeper Skyler Causey (right) is able to keep a clean sheet for his team as Capilano would add a late goal through Thomas Mallette to beat the Eagles 2-0. (Photo by Kyle Benning)

Live coverage: Kwantlen Eagles basketball

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Lucas Meneses-Skoda and Steve Maisey provide live play-by-play of Friday’s basketball game between the Kwantlen Eagles mens team and the Northwest Indian College, starting at 7 p.m.

Yoga: moving, resting, calming

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Students can release the stresses of school, work and relationships by dropping in for one-hour yoga sessions at Kwantlen’s Blossoming Lotus Studio.

Yoga continues to expand as a popular trend in the city and suburbs, and for good reason. You may not think you’re the yoga type, capable of devoting an hour to stretching and wearing spandex, but you’ll be glad you did.

Unlike watching TV, kick-boxing, playing video games, smoking or drinking, yoga works to relax your body and mind, by focusing on steady breathing and holding unique body postures and poses. These special exercises are designed to increase flexibility, enhance overall posture and, most importantly, calm the mind.

Photo by Paul Fleischanderl

“It can be really stressful being in the environment of trying to learn and having to be at deadline constantly. So I hope to provide a relief,” says David Yao, 26, who teaches the class.

Although there are various levels of ability and technique, participate in one class and you’ll feel the effects. The first 40 minutes are spent synchronizing movements, which gradually become more technical and enduring. It’s not unusual to break a sweat. Then the last twenty minutes are focused on resting and laying in posture.

“I’m inspired to relax after a long day of school,” says Robyn Lord, 23, who studies graphic design. After a yoga session, Lord says she feels refreshed, centered and that her head is clearer.

“That’s what yoga’s really for. To calm the mind down and to see clear as to what your own body needs,” says Yao.

During these insanely hectic times, it’s important to have a positive outlet, as well as it is to try new activities.

“Between school and work and studying, there’s not much time to do anything, like go to the gym. So having a yoga session between classes is really good to relax and actually do something active,” says Darriya Plessovskikh, 22, who studies accounting.

Photo by Paul Fleischanderl

Kwantlen’s classes are beginner friendly.

“It’s calm, soothing and relaxing,” says Plessovskikh.

Classes are held on Mondays (11:55 a.m.-12:55p.m. & 1-2p.m.) and Wednesdays (5:15-6:15p.m.). Cost is $25 – $35 per/month. For more information about yoga and intramural activities, contact the KSA.

Lack of interest cancels road hockey tournament

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The Surrey campus parking lot sits empty following the cancellation of the recreation department's road hockey tournament

It was the beautiful Saturday morning. Warm. Sunny. The perfect morning to play some road hockey.

But, instead of the sounds of hockey sticks hitting pavement and the cheers of spectators, the only sounds in the parking lot at Kwantlen’s Surrey campus was the occasional passing car.

Thee Kwantlen Athletics and Recreation department was forced to cancel its road hockey tournament that was suppose to take place on Saturday, Oct. 2.

“There wasn’t enough teams,” John Stewart, recreation events coordinator, said. According to Stewart, only three teams and three individuals registered for the tournament.

“We wanted this to be a viable tournament. We actually lose money on this event. So, we needed a minimum of six teams for the tournament to go ahead,” Stewart said.

Unfortunately for Kwantlen Recreation, failed sporting events are becoming a recurring theme.

“We’ve had some successes, but it’s pretty hit and miss,” said Stewart.

Stewart believes that the struggles the department has had in generating student support for these types of events, is their inability to get their message out. With very few people following them on either Facebook or Twitter, flyers posted around campus, announcements on myKwantlen and word of mouth aren’t doing enough to get students interested and participating in these events.

“We have such a small [recreation] area down here,” said Stewart. “A lot of people don’t know what things are happening.”

To combat this, Stewart and the recreation department are trying a new strategy in order “to bring rec to the students.”

According to Stewart, the department is going to set up a recreation committee, made up of members from the recreation department, the KSA and volunteer students. The idea is to get the students more involved in the process and tell the recreation department what kinds of events interest them.

Stewart hopes that by getting students involved, it will create more enthusiasm in the student community for events such as the road hockey tournament.

Kickboxing: staying in shape, feeling safe

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boxing pads

(Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

Every Monday and Wednesday at 4 p.m., Kwantlen students are meeting at the Blossoming Lotus Studio for an hour of good, wholesome kickboxing.

You don’t even need any formal or prior kickboxing experience. “I’m taking these classes to get in shape and because it sounded cool. I’ve played soccer for 12 years so I needed something different and I didn’t want another team sport,” says Rachel Moir, 18, who’s in general studies.

The session begins with a 12-minute warm-up that includes the jumping jacks, stars, burpies, climbers, dive-bombers, push-ups and on-the-spot running. After that, you learn a basic fighting stance followed by a left-jab-right-hook (one-two) combination.

“It makes me feel a lot safer walking around Vancouver,” says Jena Renwick, 21, who studies fashion design and technology.

The instructors, Milo and Marcy Hilario, who have been kickboxing for 12 years, demonstrate and explain the techniques in terms that are easy to understand.

Then you strap on the gloves and pads and partner up and the real fun begins. Simulating a three-minute round, you practice the one-two combination with 30-second intervals of continuous punching. Your endurance is truly put to the test.

You alternate three rounds each with your partner, while Milo and Marcy provide tips for all the students, before lining up to learn knee strikes.

warming up knees

(Photo by Paul Fleischanderl)

You repeat that routine 20 times into the air. Then you’re back with your partner, executing an aggressive jab-hook-knee combination into the pads.

The kickboxing element of the class is capped off with three minutes of non-stop right and left hooks, as well as upper-cuts, with your partner and pads. If you’re on the floor after that, it’s okay. The session ends with a three-minute abdominal workout.

“The workouts involve your shoulders. You’ve got to keep your shoulders up the whole time. Then your abs start hurting. For an hour, they pack a lot in,” says Corbin Mountford, 19, who studies business administration.

The gloves, pads and music are supplied by the instructors. Everyone trains in bare feet and comfortable fitness attire. Classes are cumulative, so the more you go, the more you learn. Membership is $30 a month or $6 for a drop-in class; you can register on-line or visit the KSA office for more information.

“It’s a great sport to learn and gives you lots of confidence,” says Renwick.

Video: Casey Printers engages Kwantlen on leadership

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Casey Printers, BC Lions quarterback and an entrepreneur, gave a speech for 20 people on leadership at Kwantlen Surrey Campus on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

Kwantlen Department of Student Leadership & Development and Athletics co-sponsored the event, as part of Kwantlen’s Give Back Week. Printers give an engaging talk about the qualities needed to become a successful leader in school, business, sports and life.

New Newton sports field not quite ready yet

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The brand new turf field at Newton Athletic Park was used for the first time when both Kwantlen soccer teams played against UNBC on Sept. 12.

But even though the pitch has been deemed ready for play, there is still construction going on around the field.

The stands, which will hold 500 people, have yet to be installed, along with a change room for officials, who are currently using an empty shipping container.

This is the changing room for the referees who officiate Kwantlen's matches. (Photo by Kyle Benning)

The original plans were for construction to be complete by the end of the summer, but it seems that the field needs a few more weeks for a final touch-up.

Rookie centre midfielder Vickey Parhar is all smiles about the Eagles new home.

“I think it’s great. It really shows that Kwantlen is really putting money into their athletics and showing their support in the teams,” said Parhar.

Vickey Parhar closes down the ball during the Eagles home opener to the UNBC Timberwolves. (Photo by Kyle Benning

According to Parhar, the money was well spent by the university, and the delay doesn’t bother him too much.

“No, I didn’t think so. Stuff doesn’t usually go according to schedule. Yeah [I’m a little disappointed], because I wanted to see a lot of fans out.”

Newton Athletic Park will be the venue for the 2010 BCAAA Provincial Championships from Oct. 29-31, and all will be hoping that the project will be complete.

Kwantlen invested a little over $1 million in the field, which was priced at $2.85 million.

What the stands look like now. The finished product won't be ready for a few weeks. (Photo by Kyle Benning)

Didar Grewal pushing hard for basketball success

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(Photo by: Lucas Meneses-Skoda)

(Photo by: Lucas Meneses-Skoda)

If you want to find Didar Grewal, look no further then the gym at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Surrey campus.

This gym is home to the Kwantlen Eagles, who open their regular season campaign on Nov. 3 and Grewal is the newest shooting guard on the men’s basketball team. The 18-year-old Tamanawis graduate is entering his first season with the team and has great ambitions for this season.

“I work out six days a week,” Grewal said, “everyday except for Monday’s because I have three classes that day.”

Pushing himself physically is nothing new to Grewal. He has been playing basketball competitively since he was in Grade 6 and was never pushed by anyone to practice.

“Shooting around is for my own benefit, so I shoot all the time,” Grewal said.

“My high school coach Aman Heran has been a big influence on me. I go to him for advice and he has always pushed me hard.”

The hard work is paying off: Grewal is tall and athletic, the muscle in his arms, shoulders, chest and legs are well defined, and he barely breaks a sweat even after 20 minutes of shooting around.

The transition from high school basketball to college hoops is never easy for anyone, even a two-time winner of the male athlete of the year award at Tamanawis Secondary in Surrey.

“At a higher level the players are all good. It is the best players from every team in high school playing together,” Grewal said, “The tempo and speed are higher and players are stronger as well.”

The speed, strength and conditioning of the players was evident when Grewal played with the Kwantlen team against the Division 1 NCAA school Idaho State.

“It was a good experience for me and the team,” Grewal said. “They were faster and stronger then us.”

Grewal hopes that Kwantlen can become a stepping stone to a higher level of basketball. He is aiming to play in the CIS next year as a 19-year-old after only one season of playing college basketball.

(Photo by: Lucas Meneses-Skoda)

(Photo by: Lucas Meneses-Skoda)

(Photo by: Lucas Meneses-Skoda)

(Photo by: Lucas Meneses-Skoda)

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