It was about more than just the medals

March 3, 2010 by  

Having someone ask you if you “want to go up” to crowd surf in the heart of downtown Vancouver on the closing Sunday of the Olympics in our now golden land feels good.

With a simple DJ set up near the corner of Granville and W Georgia streets, music at an outdoor venue never felt so liberating, so electrifying.

With Sidney Crosby scoring the gold medal goal 7:40 into overtime only hours before, Vancouver, the True North Strong and Free, and every Canadian was sent into a bewildered state of celebration.

When we look back at the history which was written in Vancouver over these last two weeks, sure we will recognize the 14 golds, seven silvers, and five bronze. But to us, the heavy-weighted feeling of our patriotic hearts came from more than just winning sporting events.

Whether our athletes stood on the podium or not, with their well-fought, courageous efforts and the nation’s overflowing enthusiasm, Canada was on top of the world.

From every hug, kiss or high five given in Robson Square, in Gretzky’s restaurant in Toronto, in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia — it was those little moments which made the XXI Winter Games that much more worth it in every aspect.

Or maybe it was when I watched a homeless person participate in a road hockey game using a broom as a hockey stick after the boys brought home gold medal number 14.

He had his two shopping carts crammed full of his life’s valuables parked behind the cardboard box goal while he battled it out with other proud Canadians just like himself.

To see his team score gave me the chills and a smile I held with me for the rest of the night.

With the crowd that surrounded the game cheering and screaming, the homeless man received the most loving hugs and high fives I have ever seen.

Seeing people coming together the way they did is more than I could have asked for.

I am forever grateful I was there, I was in it, and I hope everyone else is too.


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