Journalism program changes, Chronicle does too

Journalism program changes, Chronicle does too

As the result of major changes in the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Journalism program, we will no longer be regularly producing The Kwantlen Chronicle in print or online. (Detailed information about... [Read more...]


New Dungeons & Dragons-inspired webseries Standard Action not just for geeks, says creator Joanna Gaskell

New Dungeons & Dragons-inspired webseries Standard Action not just for geeks, says creator Joanna Gaskell

Joanna Gaskell, left, as Edda and Edwin Perez, right, as Fernando in Standard Action episode 0. (Screenshot courtesy mightyjoanna productions and Phasefire films.) [audio: webseries.mp3] Joanna Gaskell,... [Read more...]


Kwantlen’s first ever dodgeball tournament a success

Kwantlen’s first ever dodgeball tournament a success

Marissa Dionne, of Team McCulloch, squares off against some of her teammates from the Kwantlen women's soccer team. Team McCulloch won the Movember Dodgeball Tournament. (Photo by Jeffrey Yip) Students filled the Surrey campus gym ducking, diving and dodging their way to dodgeball... [Read more...]


Passion for Dancin’

Passion for Dancin’

Meirna Said teaches the Passion for Dancin' club at the Richmond campus on Thursday. (Photo by Meagan Gill) Kwantlen students are showing they have a Passion for Dancin’. Passion for Dancin’ is a new club at Kwantlen that allows students who like to dance the opportunity... [Read more...]


Blinded by science

Blinded by science

Students from Grades 7-12 gathered at Kwantlen’s Surrey campus to display their science projects on Thursday and Friday. The school hosted the South Fraser Regional Science Fair, which doubled as a chance for elementary and high school students to tour the campus and learn... [Read more...]


Canada’s breakthrough designer has a lot of “heart and soul”

Mabaquiao's garment that won him the title as Canada's breakthrough designer is a silver sequined dress. (Photo provided by Earl Mabaquiao). Earl Mabaquiao, third year fashion design student, is the first person to win the Télio Design Competition in... [Read more...]

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Students have chance to present their research at sociology conference

An opportunity for students to present their research at an official conference is now on the table at Kwantlen. The first Sociology Undergraduate Student Conference will be held Friday, May 6, at Kwantlen’s Surrey campus. Students who have done research... [Read more...]

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Ten-year-old KSA book-selling service still saving students money

It’s that time of year again when many students haul their no-longer-needed textbooks to Kwantlen’s bookstore in an attempt to make a little money. In the past, this was the only option, but in the last few years, several alternative book-buying and... [Read more...]

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History made by Kwantlen’s first national champions

Ashley Jang bites her gold medal after returning from the CCAA Badminton National Championships. (Photo by Kyle Benning) On March 5, history was made for Kwantlen’s athletic department after two Eagles secured the school’s first national banner. Ashley... [Read more...]

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Lack of funding shuts down Eagles baseball program

After a disappointing 2009-’10 season, the Kwantlen Eagles baseball program has folded this season. “The baseball program operated as a club team, therefore it was a self-sustaining program. Although the university provided funds to assist... [Read more...]

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Kwantlen Eagles vs. Douglas Royals

Tune in to live coverage as your Kwantlen Eagles face off against the Douglas Royals. Josh Saggau and Lucas Meneses-Skoda bring you the Women’s game live at 6 and the Men’s at 8. Catch it all here: NOTE: When the player first launches, you... [Read more...]

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Eyes on Indie

Bright lights, big screen: Vancouver’s Pacific Cinematheque a safe haven for independent filmmakers

Jim Sinclair has been bringing the best of Canadian art-house and independent cinema to the big screen for 20 years as the executive director of Vancouver's Pacific Cinematheque. (Photo courtesy of Pacific Cinematheque) New technology has made it cheaper... [Read more...]

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How Theatre Terrific brings equality to the stage

Theatre Terrific does what most theatres are scared to do: Put new actors and people with disabilities and mental health issues on the same stage as professional actors who don’t have those challenges. It started in 1985 when a group of parents... [Read more...]

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Instant Theatre: a quick education in improv comedy

Amanda Punshon and Brian Russell take a look at long-form improv comedy from the perspective of Instant Theatre, a improv team and school that has been around since 1994. The giggles, guffaws and great on-the-spot comedy that the group is known for are... [Read more...]

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The Blog

Looking for research participants

Ann McBurnie Ann McBurnie, Operations Manager in the Library, is conducting an action research project entitled “Research Assistants at Kwantlen Polytechnic University: Positioning and Training for Success” in partial fulfillment of the requirements... [Read more...]

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Comedy goes unscripted at the Heritage Grill (with audio)

Members of Unscripted Chaos, from far left Blake Cuthbertson, Luke Johnson, Andrew Job, Tracy Schut, Rachelle Tomm and Jessie Crabbe strike a natural pose. (Photo by Miranda Gathercole) A new improv group has taken hold of the Heritage Gill, bringing... [Read more...]

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Peering behind ‘The Show’

Caitlin Butcher holds up a shirt from her collection, Patience For Now. The blue in the iris of the eye has been hand-dyed. (Photo by Lucas Meneses-Skoda) After all the glamour and glitz displayed on the runway of The Show 2011, a fashion show produced... [Read more...]

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High fashion night after months of hard work

The runway before The Show 2011. (Photo by Brittany Tiplady) Anticipation and sense of excitement were palpable before the Design, Fashion and Technology program had its end of the year show on Tuesday, April 5, at the River Rock Casino in Richmond. Months... [Read more...]

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Kwantlen Community

Design program to show off its work this Thursday

The Foundations in Design Certificate Program will be hosting a year-end gallery event on April 14. Anyone can drop by for the public event, from 2-4 p.m. on the third floor of the Richmond Kwantlen campus in rooms 3010, 3020 and 3850. A separate, invitation-only... [Read more...]

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Advancement office confident scholarship money will be matched

The administration at Kwantlen Polytechnic University looks like it will be coming through with the necessary funding to contribute to the Family Campaign at Kwantlen. According to advancement officer Katie Kinch, the administration hasn’t confirmed... [Read more...]

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Kwantlen students stand up for animals

Kari Michaels, founder of the Kwantlen Animal Rights Collective, is fighting for animals big and small — even her Chilean Rose tarantula named Lolth. (Photo by Kyle Benning) Students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University are standing up for the rights... [Read more...]

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Opinion: CRTC keeping Canada in tech stone-age

At the beginning of February, the Canadian government ordered the CRTC to review its decision to allow companies to meter data usage on the internet and charge users based on the amount of data they use. The problem is the original ruling doesn’t make... [Read more...]

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That controversial referendum

Chronicle reporters Stu Gallacher and Brittany Tiplady team up for a satirical look at last week’s multipass referendum on Kwantlen’s Richmond campus. Election results are expected this week.  Read More →

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Privatization: A student’s perspective

Coca-Cola, whose products are consumed 1.6 billion times a day, won the rights to be the sole provider of beverages at Kwantlen. (Photo by Hayley Woodin) Kwantlen cafeteria food is the product of $7.7-billion food company Sodexo, Coca-Cola earned the... [Read more...]

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