Cheap stuff!

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What could be better than saving money? Finding the entertainment, recreation and clothing options that leave you satisfied and the bank account a little less depleted? The latest issue of the Chronicle, on newsracks now, offers plenty of options for staying entertained on a typical student budget.

H1N1: Ramping up for flu season

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A special issue of The Chronicle, on our newstands the week of Sept. 29, takes an indepth look at the reality of H1N1 flu – what it is (and isn’t), how we’re being prepared for it (or not), the effect it will have on everything from student life to winter travel plans and more. (Photo by kimubert.)


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Our journalists have taken an in-depth look at homelessness in Vancouver, looking at reality of life for those on the streets and some of the services that aim to help them. On newsstands now. Click the link to see a slideshow of voices from the street.

Coping with recession

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Exploring Canada’s economic woes in-depth: how we got here, what it means and the effects it’s having on everyone from students to pet owners. On newsstands now.

Probing the music scene

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Chronicle journalists are wandering down some backroads and poking into the corners of Vancouver’s vibrant music scene to bring back stories of some music, and from some places and people, you may not have heard about. On newsstands Nov. 7.

Being a university

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The Chronicle is getting set to take a deep look at what the change from Kwantlen University College to Kwantlen Polytechnic really means and how it affects students, staff and the university itself. On newsstands around the campus on Oct. 17.