H1N1: Ramping up for flu season

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A special issue of The Chronicle, on our newstands the week of Sept. 29, takes an indepth look at the reality of H1N1 flu – what it is (and isn’t), how we’re being prepared for it (or not), the effect it will have on everything from student life to winter travel plans and more. (Photo by kimubert.)

Music, dance … and raising funds

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Reporters Sandy Buemann and Zoe Tarlow turn their cameras and audio recorders on Dessi Fusion, a special event, sponsored in part by the KSA, that combined music, dance and fund-raising for the B.C. Children’s Hospital.

Taking on the gangs

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As the Metro Vancouver area sees a surge in gang activity, including more than a dozen shootings so far this year, residents have started to speak out for action. Reporters Amy Reid and Zoë Tarlow covered a recent anti-gang rally, in Surrey.


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Our journalists have taken an in-depth look at homelessness in Vancouver, looking at reality of life for those on the streets and some of the services that aim to help them. On newsstands now. Click the link to see a slideshow of voices from the street.

Students speak: Did you vote?

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Emily Bickley, 20
General Studies

“I’m not going to vote because I don’t know what the issues are, and its better to not vote than vote in ignornance and mess everything up.”


Katherine Lee, 19
Graphic Design for Marketing

“I didn’t really know about it..it doesn’t really interest me.”


Steven Kwok, 20
Business Diploma

“I didn’t know about the election today.”

Ali Razapanju, 21
Business Administration

“I think its important for every student to vote in the student elections…they should have a good feel of whose representing them and know their ideas and what they’re on about.”

Be hungry, save lives

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famineThe KSA’s Richmond campus council will host the World Vision 30-Hour Famine on April 3-4.

Participants will go without food for 30 hours, although they will be allowed to drink water and fruit juice, while raising money and awareness of world hunger by collecting donations from friends and family. Participants across the globe will gain a first-hand understanding of how it feels to go without food for long periods of time.

During the evening, after the day of fasting, a number of games, activities and movies are planned to keep the participant’s mind off their hunger. The sleepover location is to be announced, but will likely be at the Richmond campus or a local recreation center.

The event, which started in 1971 when 14 teenagers in Calgary, Alberta, held an event in a church basement to raise money for World Vision. It is meant to bring students together at the same time as feeding hungry children around the world by donating all the money raised by each individual participant.

The international event to fight hunger will be sponsored by Much Music, World Vision and the KSA. The top five groups who raise the most funds in Canada will be profiled on Much Music. 

Anyone who wants to take part in the fast must register by March 12 to receive donation forms and an information package. Contact Reena, the Richmond campus director, at rcc@kusa.ca for more details and to register.

Audio report: Vancouver’s mass bike ride

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Reporters Rachelle Ashe and Alexander Nkrumah hit the streets of Vancouver for a look at the monthly event that pushes for better bike access to city streets.

Coping with recession

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Exploring Canada’s economic woes in-depth: how we got here, what it means and the effects it’s having on everyone from students to pet owners. On newsstands now.

KSA provides free stuff for students as part of Richmond’s ‘Welcome Week’

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The Student Health Improvement Program (SHIP) offered students a chance to win an iPod. To enter the contest, students had to do push ups. (Alexander Nkrumah photo)

The Student Health Improvement Program (SHIP) offered students a chance to win an iPod. To enter the contest, students had to do push ups. (Alexander Nkrumah photo)

Richmond students were welcomed back to classes on Tuesday by a wide array of information on free school services, employment opportunities and every student’s favorite — free stuff, courtesy of the Kwantlen Student Association.

The festivities were part of Welcome Week, which is going on at campuses all week.

Free stuff included airbrush tattooing, pizza and giveaways, including a contest for a home theatre system. Students like free food, said Reena Bali, Richmond’s KSA campus representative, who added that they’ve found that free food results in a better student turnout.

The KSA provided free airbrush tattoos for students. (Amy Reid photo)

The KSA provided free airbrush tattoos for students. (Amy Reid photo)

The KSA booths displayed information for students about benefit plans, free services and a confirmation they are currently fighting for the UPass. At a nearby table, the Student Health Improvement Program (SHIP) program was giving away an iPod, but required contestants to do push-ups in order to enter the contest.

Other tables featured fitness centres recruiting new members and offering free swag. Big Sister and other mentor programs set up booths displaying information on volunteer opportunities. The Canadian Border Services Agency also had its own table, recruiting student employees.

The Richmond KSA began planning the event in December during the winter holidays, said Bali. She estimated that they spent less than half of the event’s $1,500 budget, adding that sponsors were easier to find this year, because of Kwantlen’s new university status.

For those who missed the events Tuesday in Richmond, Bali said the KSA will probably be giving away free snacks tomorrow. Thursday, Rock Band will be set up in the rotunda around noon on a large projector screen and the KSA will be giving away snacks and prizes.

“Today, I think, was a huge success due to all the planning and everyone’s hard work,” she said.

“And I hope the student’s liked it.”

Federal government crisis subject for forum

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Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Political Science department is taking on the federal government crisis.

Parliament has just been prorogued and a coaltion stands poised to unseat the government, when Parliament resumes in January. Members of the political science department will make presentations and hold a discussion session on the situation on Monday, Dec. 8, from 11 a.m.–1 p.m. in room 1205A of Building G on the Surrey campus.

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